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The Dusselier lab focuses on zeolite synthesis, heterogeneous catalysis and bioplastics.

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Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

The dusselier group is part of the 

Dept. of Microbial and Molecular Systems of the

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

which in itself is part of KU Leuven.

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MOF-derived metal oxide clusters in porous aluminosilicates: a new catalyst design for the synthesis of bioactive aza-heterocycles

Bio‐Acrylates Production: Recent Catalytic Advances and Perspectives of the Use of Lactic Acid and their Derivatives

  • 15/11/2018 - E.V. Makshina J. Canadell J. van Krieken E. Peeters M. Dusselier B.F. Sels
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Catalytic Gas‐Phase Cyclization of Glycolate Esters: a Novel Route Toward Glycolide‐Based Bioplastics

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